In this competitive edge of technology no one can survive without coping with new technological development. There is no alternative without learning. To cope up with new era of Information & Technology me and myself always seek opportunities to learn new things and try to be a very quick learner for the survival of my existence like a lion in the field of ICT.


May be 30% Emotional, 20% Logical, 10% Nostalgic, 10% Fun loving, 10% Introvert, 20% still to think what am I!! Like to judge people what i am and how i think which is some times creates lots of unexpected situations, Always try to tell the truth and always will be. Perception is always influenced by own Experience and Learning of life. I am a Simple man with straight forward spoken habit may be some times its not been done for all people but I am retaining the same on me!! So guys if you want more please explore!! All the best!!